New Release From Plasencia & Introducing Verification Chips

Here at Havana House, we are excited for the latest release from Plasencia – the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro Sixto I Hexagon Cigar – which will be in stock soon! 

Not only are we eager to sample this new smoke, but the news of Plasencia adding security chips to these cigars is something else to excite us! 

As we await the availability of this cigar in the UK, we’ll take a look at what we know so far. 

About the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro Sixto I Hexagon Cigar

Plasencia cigars are one of the best premium tobacco growers in the world, crafting exquisite blends for the most enjoyable smoking experiences. 

Their latest release, the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro Sixto I Hexagon Cigar, is an extension of the Plasencia Alma Fuerte brand, which uses aged tobacco to create rich and bodied smokes. 

The Plasencia Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro Sixto I Hexagon Cigar contains ten-year aged tobacco, making for a much smoother smoking experience. As you enjoy this cigar, you may notice notes of cocoa and almonds, which transition into nutmeg and cedar as the cigar finishes. 

One of the most unique aspects of this cigar is its hexagonal shape – with the cigar featuring six edges, as opposed to being circular. This unusual shape imitates the honeycomb and provides smokers with a much more complex smoking experience. 

The unique shape of these Plasencia cigars has been a hit in the past, becoming some of the best-selling cigars from this brand. 

The Hexagono vitola measures 6 inches long with a 60 ring gauge. 

Plasencia Verification Security Chips

Fake cigars have long been a problem in the industry, with fraudulent copies of brands’ wrappers being placed on inferior quality smokes, but sold for the same price. 

Naturally, these inferior cigars are disappointing for those who smoke them, can cause damage to a brand’s reputation and can even prove dangerous to those who smoke them. 

As such, cigar brands are constantly looking for innovative new ways to keep their cigars safe from fakeries. 

In partnership with Legacy Secure, Inc., Plasencia has found a way to do this using CigarSecure technology. The bands of the new Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sixto cigars will be embedded with a security chip that will allow customers to check its authenticity. 

The band containing the chip simply needs to be placed near a smartphone, where it will work similarly to a QR code and display an option to open a webpage. The webpage will confirm that the cigar is authentic, as well as displaying information about the cigar, including tasting notes. 

No app is required to use this technology, only access to a smartphone. 

So far, the Alma Fuerte Sixto I Hexagon Colorado Claro is the only cigar from Plasencia to use this technology. 

If you would like to get your hands on this cigar when it comes in stock, be sure to sign up your email to be notified when it becomes available

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