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Peter James Leather Co


Tired of having to carry your cigars and accessories in your pockets? Then these outstanding products by Peter James Leather Co are definitely for you! They offer a fine selection of classy carry cases that will hold all of your cigar accessories and more! Kitted out with beautifully designed pockets and made with extremely high-quality leather, the cases are perfect for the connoisseur on the go!

The cases are handcrafted using Italian milled, full-grain leather, a true symbol of quality. The zips and pockets are intricately stitched for maximum appeal and durability. Additionally, because these products are handcrafted, they will each be very slightly different from one another. This unique quality perfectly demonstrates what Peter James Leather Co is all about. Make sure you grab one of these today so that you can carry your Cuban cigars with you wherever you go!

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