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Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco

Oliver Twist Chewing TobaccoChewing tobacco is not as broadly available in Britain as the product used to be, and still is in such parts of the world such as the Nordic countries. Fortunately, Oliver Twist chewing tobacco bits that are loved by smokers and former smokers across the country.

There are many benefits of chewing tobacco when compared to smoking. First of all, adults can be stimulated with nicotine without having to inhale the harmful smoke. Secondly, chewing tobacco can be used wherever you please. That means on the commute to work, at the local cinema or even on a plane. The ability to get a nicotine hit without bothering anyone else is highly valued among smokers and tobacco enthusiasts.

Only the very best grade of tobacco is used to make Oliver Twist tobacco bits. The tobacco suppliers are selected from among the most highly regarded tobacco farmers. Each and every single leaf is carefully assessed to ensure uniform quality to meet our requirements. Oliver Twist has intentionally chosen to keep the old traditions of craftsmanship because they believe that he provides unique product quality. This means that each tobacco bit is made completely by hand, just like a good cigar!

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