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Gurkha Cigars

At Havana House, we stock a range of Dominican Republic cigars, including our array of Gurkha Cigars. The Dominican Republic sits on the island of Hispaniola, where cigars are known for their quality and tobacco growing. Because the climate is similar to Cuba’s, it’s perfect for the growing and production of tobacco.

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A brand of Dominican Republic cigars we stock are called Gurkha cigars which come in various flavours and sizes. The history behind Gurkha cigars is a fascinating one which started with a Portuguese man rolling and selling cigars in India in 1989, which he called Gurkhas. When a man named Kaizad Hansotia was visiting India, he saw this man and bought his entire inventory of cigars to give as gifts for customers of his own business. They had huge praise, and he saw an opportunity. One thing led to another, and the Gurkha cigar was born.

The Gurkha cigar brand may have started in 1990, but the term Gurkhas has been around for much longer. During the British occupation in the late 1880s, colonial soldiers were enthused by the history of the Gurkha warriors in Nepal. Because they loved these warriors whom the British defeated, any cigars that the soldiers made were called Gurkhas.

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