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Camacho Cigars UK

camachologoThe bright and bold wrapper of the Camacho Cigars range will give you a hint towards the bold, flavourful experience of smoking one of these vibrant cigars.

Based in Honduras, Camacho Cigars have been creating premium smokes since 1961. They gain their intense flavour from the Corojo seed; a special strand of tobacco which imparts a unique taste into each Camacho cigar.

Camacho cigars are the only cigar brand to utilise the original Corojo seed, which has given the brand its stand-out flavour for generations. It provides these legendary smokes with a distinctive and unique flavour that makes them irreplaceable.

When you smoke a Camacho Cigar, you can expect a classic smoke with an added punch!

The Camacho range presents smokers with a few choices, including Camacho Connecticut, Camacho Machitos and Camacho Criollo, alongside the renowned Camacho Corojo! They also produce American Barrel-Aged Cigars using all American tobacco, which is unusual for many premium cigar brands.

Keen to share their brand and experience with the world, Camacho run a cigar tourism experience known as Camp Camacho, where cigar aficionados can stay in their Honduran guest house and experience factory tours and the opportunity to create a custom smoke for yourself.

You don’t have to travel to Honduras to experience these magnificent smokes though, as we have plenty available in the UK here at Havana House!

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