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Aging Room Cigars

agingroomWith a focus on producing cigars with complexity and character, Aging Room Cigars are not designed for the average Joe. Aging Room Cigars is part of the Boutique Blends brand, a company that focuses on producing premium and small batch cigars.

Boutique Blends allows the chance for experimentation and the opportunity to bring new flavours and blends to customers. The small batch size means that quality control is always stringent, ultimately meaning that customers will not be disappointed when they light up one of their cigars.

Although it can be difficult for smaller cigar brands to be recognised by the trade press, Aging Room Cigars have had no trouble at all, picking up consistent coverage in Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Insider and Cigar Journal, with special focuses on their M356 and Quattro F55 Concerto cigars. When smoking an Aging Room Cigar, expect character, quality and a unique smoking experience.

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