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Rocky Patel Cigars

rocky patel 

Relatively speaking, Rocky Patel is a new name in the cigar industry, having only been producing cigars professionally since the mid-nineties. His first foray into cigars was when he joined the Havana Club in L.A. as one of the founding members after becoming fascinated by cigars having been introduced to them by a friend. Rocky was approached with a business plan which involved the manufacture of cigars for the American marketplace. Although apprehensive about the potential of the plan, Rocky made his investment which secured the manufacture of the first batch of Indian Tabac cigars.

In 2003, the company name changed to Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, to emphasise and market Rocky’s omnipresence within the business. Since this change, Rocky’s Vintage series has been the flagship cigar brand for the company, with other top-selling brands such as The Edge, Decade and Royale performing well also.

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