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Hiram & Solomon Cigars

Here at Havana House, we stock a wide range of Nicaraguan cigars, including Hiram & Solomon. Nicaragua is located southwest of Cuba, and is the biggest exporter of cigars in the world. The country has a diverse and rugged terrain with tropical weather for plenty of the year, giving it the perfect climate for growing high-quality tobacco.

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Cigar brand Hiram & Solomon started when two Mason brothers, Fouad Kashouty and George Dakrat, who loved smoking cigars together, had a discussion. They concluded that there were no accessible cigars on the market for Freemason smokers. Upon this, they came up with the possibility of creating a Masonic-themed cigar.

Their principles are about bringing Mason brothers together in harmony for a good cigar or to drive non-mason brothers to learn about Freemasonry and its history.

Check out our range of Hiram & Solomon Cigars and to get a sense of true cigar smoking British history.

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