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My Father Cigars

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Having opened a tiny cigar factory in 2003, Jose Pepin Garcia, owner of My Father Cigars, has grown to become well-known by cigar aficionados across the globe. His love and passion for cigars have been the catalyst for being able to build large, successful cigar brands that are recognised for their high quality.

In 2009, Garcia opened My Father Cigars, otherwise known as the Garcia family industrial park, which is a seven-acre establishment complete with a production facility allowing for the harvest, processing, production and shipping of the cigars. The family now own two factories, one small boutique factory with a team of twelve rollers, and the other main park facility that employs more than 300 cigar rollers.

The blends associated with the Garcia brand offer a robust and aromatic experience, recognised for their strength, richness and spicy aroma. They have been wrapped by hand and finished using a triple-cap.

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