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Cuban Cigars


Widely renowned as being the best cigars in the world, Cuban cigars offer some of the highest-quality smokes available.

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As the name suggests, Cuban cigars originate from Cuba, where tobacco leaves are grown across the island.

Many Cuban cigars are hand-rolled by highly skilled Torcedores, who are considered to be the best in the world at crafting beautiful smokes out of the filler, binder and wrapper tobacco. Cuban cigars are crafted in a wide range of sizes and strengths, so there’s certainly something for every cigar lover available.

Cuban cigars are an integral part of Cuban culture, and the brands established there have become famous around the world for their unparalleled flavour and quality. Key Cuban cigar brands include Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta and Hoyo de Monterrey.

In Cuba, the cigar industry is run by the government state tobacco company, Cubatabaco. This allows for strict production regulations which help to ensure that every cigar made meets the high standards expected from a Cuban smoke.

In addition, the distribution arm of Cubatabaco, Habanos S.A. labels and protects each box of cigars made with special seals and stamps to reduce the risk of fake cigars, or cigars that don’t meet standards, being sold.

Cuban cigars that arrive in the UK are checked and provided with a quality control EMS stamp to ensure that the smoke you get is perfect! At Havana House, we also perform our own quality checks on the cigars we sell, so you can rest assured that the cigar you receive is a genuine Cuban smoke.

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