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Casa Del Habanos Exclusive Cigars

If you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, look no further than a limited edition Cuban Cigar. Limited editions and regional editions are limited in production giving the opportunity to smoke a blend that few aficionados will ever have the chance to sample. Alternatively, stored in the correct conditions, the Casa Del Habanos Exclusives are an excellent investment.

La Casa del Habano is an internationally registered trademark, property of the Corporation Habano S.A.; to develop an International Chain of Franchises. La Casa del Habano are models for new or rebuilt stores around the world, to a standard set by Habanos S.A., while still maintaining the capacity to adapt itself to the characteristics and culture of the country in which it functions. Since 2011 a new policy of releasing special La Casa Del Habano Exclusives (La Casa Del Habano Exclusivo) in limited numbers was established.

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