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Guantanamera Cigars


If you are looking for a Cuban cigar that is great value for money, look no further than the Guantanamera. These cigars feature Cuban tobacco, some of the finest in the world, grown in Cuba, However, rather than being rolled by hand, each cigar is made in a machine. This method is great for creating a consistent cigar as well as an inexpensive one! You can expect a light-bodied cigar with some flavours not yet discovered before.

Unlike nearly every other cigar blend produced in Cuba, the tobacco used in Guantanamera cigars comes from the Vuelta Arriba region, which is located in the middle of Cuba, rather than the Vuelta Abajo in Pinar del Río. Featuring only machine-made cigars, Corporacion Habanos’ version of Guantanamera is known as an affordable choice for consumers. The blend is mild with a slightly harsh/tannic aspect to it.

Released in 2002, the brand is relatively new, considering the heritage behind the majority of Cuban brands. Uniquely, Guantanamera cigars are machine made rather than hand rolled, making them great value cigars. It is most likely that the brand was named after Cuba’s most well-known song ‘Guajira Guantanamera’, which can be heard in just about every Cuban bar every evening.