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Jose L Piedra Cigars

Jose L Piedra

If you’re looking for a cigar to enjoy a typically Cuban experience, Jose L. Piedra cigars will definitely provide that and more! They are known for their mild to medium body that is complemented by a satisfying aroma.

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They offer a spicy and earthy flavour which is typical of Cuban cigars; perhaps this is why they are especially popular in their home country.

Initially launched, like many of Cuba’s most popular brands, in the 19th-century, Jose L. Piedra has been producing cigars almost continuously for well over 100 years. These handmade beauties are competitively priced and will offer an enjoyable smoke for both beginners and more experienced aficionados as they always use high-quality tobacco.

Although these cigars wouldn’t be suitable for special occasions, they make excellent anytime cigars and are great for having in reserve in your humidor.

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