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Por Larrañaga Cigars

A small and mighty cigar brand, Por Larranaga cigars will offer smokers a mild smoking experience coupled with a lovely flavour. Por Larranaga is actually made up of two cigar brands, one that is native to Cuba, grown for the goliath that is Habanos.

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The other is produced in the Dominican Republic and Honduras for Imperial Tobacco.

The brand’s claim to fame is that they are the Cuban cigars that have seen the longest continuous production, having started in 1834. The brand has seen various troubles and stripped back to purely machine-made or hand-finished cigars for a period in the mid to late 20th-century. However, since 2002, all cigars are hand-made and have the quality to prove it.

The first cigar from the brand to have been reviewed by Cigar Aficionado was the petit corona and scored a brilliant 91 out of 100. Why not check out our range of Por Larranaga cigars and see why they were graded so highly!

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