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Dunhill Dead Root Pipes

Special attention deserves to be paid to the initials D.R. which appeared from the beginning until 1930 on a few, in fact very few Bruyere pipes, which stand for “dead root”. It should be pointed out that these names and the ones that followed were primarily a question of marketing. However, quite a few people have been excited about the real meaning of “dead root”. In addition, the D.R pipes are flawless, straight grain models that are extremely rare and sold at a premium. Over the years Dunhill even established a grading system based on the aesthetic aspect of his products, by using letters of the alphabet and a varying number of stars. But why the term “dead”? It is said that this is because such an exceptional grain can only be obtained from ancient burls belonging to ancient, dead shrubs. It is even suggested that the briar’s “cure” and all the rest takes place as a natural process in the soil. However, experts of Radica Arborea object to this arguing that as soon as the shrub dies it immediately starts decomposing, and so is completely unusable. Anyway, there are still some doubts, but despite the gloomy name, the pipes are quite exceptional.