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Loose Handrolling Tobacco

Hand-rolling tobacco has long been popular amongst smokers, and here at Havana House, we have a huge range available for you to choose from.

Rolling your own cigarettes by hand is typically cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes. It can also allow you to have control over how much tobacco you add to the smoke, meaning you can make smaller or larger cigarettes than you could find available pre-made.

Our selection of hand-rolling tobacco includes both loose and pre-packaged blends in a variety of cuts and styles. We stock a range of top brands for hand-rolling tobacco, including Auld Kendal, Cutter’s Choice, Golden Virginia and Drum.

Pre-packaged tobacco provides you with a handy portioned pouch that can be taken out and about with you, whereas loose hand-rolling tobacco offers you the chance to buy your favourite tobacco in bulk, which may save you money in the long run.

Check out the full range of hand-rolling tobaccos available below and find your favourite.

At Havana House, we also offer a wide selection of hand-rolling accessories, including a diverse range of rolling papers, flavour cards and even cigarette rolling machines to make hand-rolling cigarettes easier and more flavourful!

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