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Frizc Flavour Cards

Flavour releasing cards available in many classic & cool flavours

Frizc is a brand new product on the market which helps you to create and experience flavour in a whole new dimension. The flavoured cards are simple to use and are made from food grade products so you can even use them to flavour your favourite snack!

Frizc gets inspiration from nature, that’s why the creators of each flavour have travelled the Earth to find the best ingredients for each combination. The ingredients are then concentrated and refined for irresistibly smooth taste sensations.

The technology behind Frizc

Frizc flavour cards are made using smart evaporation, which is a groundbreaking new innovation. Any flavour, scent or functional chemical can be transferred to a surface enabling active evaporation. The process is useful in a huge range of industries from healthcare to food.

Frizc Flavour Cards

Frizc Peach Flavour Card