Road Stogies: Xikar’s answer to portable cigars accessories

Winston Churchill lights cigar in the back of a Jeep.

For those of us who spend a lot of time travelling, whether that may be for work or pleasure; here are three great innovations from Xikar that will facilitate the cigar aficionado enjoy a stogie on the road, at the helm or on the green.


Xikar HP4

Introducing Xikar’s new flagship pocket lighter, the dominant HP4 Quad Flame Lighter. Amongst all Xikar’s super car inspired accessories from the Excessive Efficiency Assortment, the HP4 has to be one of the finest. As with all Xikar products, the weight and feel of the lighter is of the highest quality yet still feels comfortable in the pocket, and all of the working parts feel solid in hand like they will last an age.

Automotive racing and collecting enthusiasts will love the aesthetic of the unit; it comes in five rich motor racing inspired colours. Black, G2, Blue, Chopper Orange and Daytona Red.

A stylish pull-down ignition reminds us of the front grille of a sports car with the Xikar branding placed firmly in the centre like a badge. The manual flip-top lid opens at 90 degrees and provides plenty of room for the angled diamond quad jet; girth and precision of the concentrated flame effectively toasts the broadest of cigars with ease, providing even coverage.

The base of the lighter has an ergonomic oversized in-line fuel adjustment wheel. This allows for full control over the height and intensity of the quad flame. Again, as with all of the lighter’s other parts, the wheel is sturdy and slick when operated single handed. On the back of the lighter is a beautifully crafted louvred panel, which aids grip for the user and improves aesthetic.

Additionally, the dual EZ-View™ fuel windows work fantastically; the gasoline appears to be tinted red as to quickly shows how much fuel is left in the tank.





Xitar Cigar Locker

The Xikar Cigar Locker is the answer to the prayer of the adventurer, commuter and those taking a weekend away. Compared to other Xikar humidors this isn’t your everyday travel case; this one means business. Firstly, it has the build of a specialist equipment protective flight case as it is created from crushproof ABS moulded plastic which is airtight due to a rubber gasket built into the lid.

This is coupled with a multi-functioning EVA-lined foam compartments to not only look after your cigars but also any cigar accessories and personal belongings without sacrificing cigar capacity. All of which are held in place with the sift egg-crate foam which applies pressure to the accessories in the top compartment to stop them rattling around.


-Removable lid with Cigar Locker Dome Label

-Soft, egg-crate foam underneath the cover applies pressure to the accessory tray, preventing accessories from moving during transit

-Cigar compartment holds ten full-size toro cigars (6.5″ x 52RG)

-Removable accessory tray sits atop of the cigar compartment providing an air-tight seal

-Built-in auxiliary storage compartment for keys, sunglasses, wallet or Bluetooth speaker

-Made of crushproof, high-quality ABS moulded plastic

-Stainless steel hinge and latch hinges

-Accessory Tray Dimensions: 6.4″x 5.1″

-Dimensions: 10.8″W x 3.1″H x 5.9″D





Xitar Portable Ashtray Can


Like the Xikar Cigar Locker, the ashtray can be the right move for any cigar aficionado wanting a cigar during transit. As well as being small enough to fit in a car’s drinks holder it also contains a genius innovation.

Built-in springs on the inside of the act as a cigar holder which provide suspension to handle the movement of a vehicle.

The Portable Ashtray Can is perfect the car, boat or golf green as to keep the ash off the dashboard or the green. As with all Xikar products, every detail is finished to perfection, and they can even comes adorned in black leather for those wanting to let it fit pleasingly within the interior of the car. As ever, a well thought out functional accessory.

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