How to Smoke a Cigar Indoors

man smoking a cigar inside

Nothing quite compares to smoking a cigar in the comfort of your own home. As you sit back in your chair, enjoy a flavourful puff in a cosier setting. It’s a luxury we love to indulge in and it helps us to get a better sense of the cigars.

In comparison to stepping outside to squeeze a cigar in, weather dependent of course, you may need to wrap up or bring out the umbrella. We all enjoy a night sky and a refreshing cold breeze, but sometimes we crave that wholesome inhale you can’t quite get from smoking outdoors.

It slows down time, and gives you more of an opportunity to embrace it at its finest. There were days when we could enjoy smoking indoors in public while  sharing a drink in good company. But that’s not to say they’re long gone.

We can still appreciate these finer things whilst we are comfortably indoors. We want to help you enjoy your cigar in the perfect environment for you. We’ll be exploring the ways in which you can enjoy your cigar indoors.


Ventilation System

Sadly, a lone open window won’t suffice as ventilation for your cigar’s smoke, but with a few added fans you could potentially be onto something. It’s best to invest in a good quality air purifier. It’s worth noting that the market is overly saturated, so take some time before purchasing one.

There are an array of options, not only air purifiers, but exhaust fans and smoke eaters can also help to assist with purifying the air. Each of the options have individual pros and cons.

Your chosen ventilation system should depend on the size and shape of the room and if there are available windows. A good place to start considering which system will suit your needs would be to start looking into air purifiers and extraction fans.



It doesn’t matter if you have the luxury of designing your designated smoking room or not, you still need to consider what furniture is in the room. It’s no surprise that smoke clings to all fabric, even leather.

If your settees are fabric, there are curtains and your rugs aren’t machine washable it could be a nightmare to clean. Fabrics such as leather and materials such as wood, metal and ceramics are far easier, not to mention they absorb the least smoke.

Consider the finer details such as what kind of wallpaper you have in the room, if any, and how you plan on or can clean the room furnishings. Think about sealing the room off from the rest of the house, such as a long, flat doorstop.


Fire Precautions

We’re all familiar with the fact that our cigars will go out rather than burn away independently. But it’s always best to be safe than sorry as you will be in an enclosed space.

Not to mention, you might have been wondering how a fire alarm will fit into the room without ruining the feng shui by the sound of its constant alarm. Instead, place one just outside of the room, and invest in a small fire extinguisher.

We hope you’ve got an idea of how you can start enjoying your cigars indoors. For more advice and information on cigars you can check out our blog, or you can enjoy browsing through our vast range of cigars.


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