Spring Clean Your Face

Man getting ready to shave with a dovo straight cut razor

Now that spring appears to have finally arrived, many have begun the process of spring cleaning. While traditionally, this may involve a spot of dusting, or stashing the Christmas jumpers in the back of the wardrobe, increasingly, this concept of spring cleaning has turned into a chance to refresh your lifestyle. Whether you have a meticulous grooming routine in place already, or you’ve never so much as been within a foot of a drop of moisturiser, it’s time to clean up for spring!


Upgrade Your Gear

Before you get going with the goal of a fresher face, it can be a good idea to rejuvenate and clean up your bathroom supplies! Each time you shave, the blades of your razor get clogged up with grease, stubble, tiny bits of skin and any dirt that was on your face (how nice!), which eventually makes the blades feel blunt. Usually, giving your razor a thorough clean can bring it back to life for many happy days of shaving, but if it’s totally a lost cause, then why not upgrade to a Dovo straight razor for a super-close shave! The same can be said for things like beard trimmers, combs, nail brushes and tweezers, so get cleaning!


Hair and Beard

With all the snow, the past few months have been somewhat of a hibernation session for many and heading out into the blizzard-like conditions just for a haircut was probably off the cards. Besides, the only way to survive those levels of cold was to let your hair and beard grow until you somewhat resembled a bear or a man who had spent many years wandering through the wilderness. With the summer sun on the way, shearing this back a little is a must.

While the bushy beard kept your face nice and toasty through the winter weather, it will now most likely be in desperate need of some TLC. The cold, dry air tends to make beard hairs rough and prickly, so it can be a good idea to work in a drop or two of beard oil each day to help your face friend on its way to recovery!



All humans have skin, and no matter how much some men try to deny it, this means that skincare actually is important for all. The cold weather of winter isn’t exactly kind to the face, and you can find your skin drying out, and generally looking a bit sad, especially for those who haven’t had a beard to hide behind! Unfortunately, there isn’t a one cream suits and fixes all, but a light moisturiser with SPF 15+ is a great place to start for the spring! Sun protection isn’t just for the beach. As you are probably aware, the sun can do quite a bit of damage to our skin and can contribute to older looking skin, so a moisturiser with a little protection is a perfect two birds, one stone situation.


Do you have any favourite products for taming your beard or helping your skin? Let us know in the comments or via our social media!


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