Stocking Fillers Guide

Christmas tree and presents

As we creep ever closer to the big day, we wanted to help you on your present buying escapades with our Christmas present buying guide for stocking fillers. For some, the stockings are the main event. Having a collection of small and very thoughtful gifts can make an already great day an even better one. So whether you’re on the hunt, looking for the perfect stocking fillers, or whether you’re looking for some ideas of what to ask for, then look no further. Here’s our guide for stocking fillers:

Beard Accessories

Razor and beard brush

The rise in popularity of facial hair has spawned a growth in the market of facial hair products such as beard oils, trimming and shaving devices, and a selection of seasonal novelty gifts also. Typically, these gifts are only well received by men with facial hair, so this isn’t one for the whole family. But, for any men that are taking their first foray into facial grooming, then one of these gifts can be a gentle nudge in the right direction, accompanied with a polite reminder to “get it under control”.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speaker

The range of Bluetooth speakers has exploded in recent years, with improvements in build quality, design and size. Allowing people to transport and share music in a whole new way, the speakers make a great stocking filler and are both a practical and thoughtful present for your loved ones.


Man wearing socks and birkenstocks

The age-old gift of socks grows more appealing the older that we get. As children, the idea of socks as a Christmas present does nothing more than repulse us, but as we mature, receiving socks as a gift becomes a blessing, as we no longer have to buy our own. Traditionally, socks aren’t all that ‘interesting’, which is why companies have begun to produce brightly coloured and interestingly designed socks with various patterns and animals; you can even get ones with your face on!


collection of cufflinks

Ranging from the beautiful to the down-right obscene, cufflinks can be bought in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and are a perfect stocking filler. Artistic and abstract eye-catching designs can really add panache to the shirt and jacket combo and will prove to be a talking point with the people at work.


Davidoff cigars


Whether you’re looking for a gift for a beginner or a more experienced cigar smoker, we’ve got all bases covered with our catalogue of cigars. Our cigars come from a wide range of tobacco growing countries, presenting a variety of intriguing and enjoyable flavours and aromas. We’d recommend starting your search with our Davidoff Cigars as there is something to suit all tastes.


fountain pen on paper

Whenever we need one, we can’t find one. Pens can prove to be a brilliant stocking filler as we all use them! Ballpoint pens will typically be the way to go, but for people who want to add an artistic flair to their scribbles, then you can pull out all the stops for a fountain pen. Remember to add in replacement ink as an added extra!

Scented Candle

Sea salt candle being held

We all love nice smells, warm bread, fresh laundry and homemade cookies all trigger a sense of well-being in our brains, often associated with childhood memories. So why not give the gift of wellbeing this year with a scented candle? It is even trendy for men to have candles flickering away in their homes with new scents being devised and branded as ‘Mandles’. Typically avoiding flowery aromas, the Mandles offer up earthy infusions of organic, botanical and woody scents.


Three Littles coffee jars

Perfect for the more adventurous coffee drinkers, we have a selection of flavoured coffees that would nestle perfectly in a stocking. Rum, chocolate and coconut are all flavours offered, with the possibility to mix and match to suit the gift recipients preferences.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration of what you can get your loved ones this year. If you’re still searching for their main presents, then check out our Christmas Gift Buying Guide for some fresh ideas.

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