How to Store Cigars Without a Humidor


We all know that a humidor is the best way of storing your cigars, but there may be a time in which you find yourself without one. Whether your existing humidor has broken or is too full to fit your newest cigar additions or you have ended up being gifted a cigar that you’re not ready to smoke and don’t own a humidor, then there are a few options for storing your cigars.

These solutions are all inexpensive, but are fairly short term solutions and are unlikely to work for a large collection of cigars, meaning that if you have a fair few cigars to store, then investing in a new humidor is by far your best bet!


Freezer Bag

If you only have a couple of cigars to store, then a Ziploc bag can be a good temporary solution. For this method, you will also need a small sponge, which will be used to keep the bag humid, as cigars require around 60-70% humidity to be kept in the ideal conditions. Make sure the sponge is new, as you don’t want any dirt or smells from an old sponge impacting on the taste and aromas of the cigars.

When you’re ready to store the cigars, wet the sponge and ring out the water so that it is just damp. Place the sponge into the bag with the cigars and seal it tightly. Check on the sponge occasionally to make sure that it hasn’t dried out. The cigars can be kept in this manner for a number of weeks, but storing them in a freezer bag should not be a long-term thing.



For something a little sturdier than a Ziploc bag, you can use a Tupperware box to offer your cigars a little extra protection. Tupperware boxes are especially useful if you have a bigger cigar collection, as they will often be able to hold more cigars than a sealable bag. If you would like to add humidity to the box to keep the cigars in their best condition then you can again use a sponge to do so. However, when placed in an airtight Tupperware box, distilled water should be used instead of tap water, as this can reduce the risk of mould growing inside the box and infecting your cigars. Some tap water will also have chemicals that may impact on the taste and flavours present in the cigar.


glass jar for storing cigar


If you only have one or two cigars to store but are looking for a more robust storage container than a plastic bag, then a glass jar can act as an improvised humidor. Again, you can add in a small sponge to ensure the container remains humid as you store the cigars.



For a longer-term solution, a small cooler can be used in place of a humidor. Of course, the size of the cooler is dependant on the amount of cigars you own and want to store, but it is important to not overfill or underfill it. While you can keep on with the sponge method for the cooler, if you are planning on using the cooler as a long-term, or even permanent, storage option, then it is a good idea to invest in a few proper humidification tools. A hygrometer, humidification device and distilled water will all be required and can be picked up fairly cheaply, but will offer you a long-lasting solution.


If you need a new humidor and want to avoid these temporary solutions, then check out our guide to cigar humidification to discover exactly what you need to best suit your cigar collection.


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