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A Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Shapes, Sizes and Colour

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There are so many factors to consider when it comes to cigars; what brand? Shape? Size? Colour?  If you’re new to cigar smoking or have stuck to one type of cigar for a long time, you may not be confident with what each of these factors means or how to choose something you like.  Below […]

10 Fascinating Facts About Cigars

Cigars have long been enjoyed for their complex and intense flavours, and the rich history associated with the production and enjoyment of these delicious smokes has led to the development of numerous fun facts and exciting tales. Keep reading to discover 10 cigar facts that you can share the next time you smoke a stogie […]

Christmas Gift Buying Guide 2018

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The dreaded C-Word is nearly upon us, Christmas that is, and it’s time to start splashing the cash and showing your loved ones just how much you love them, or not as the case may be. We want to help get you organised for this year as there’s no point leaving it all to the […]

8 Fascinating Facts about Whisky

8 Fascinating Facts about Whisky

Whisky is the tipple of choice for many, but while you might know your malt from your grain or your rye from your corn, how much do you actually know about your usual down at the local? It’s been around for centuries and has been there for generation after generation when they need it most; […]

Perfecting Your Cocktail and Cigar Pairings

When it comes to alcohol and cigars, even the most seasoned cigar aficionado and spirit buffs can find themselves in a bit of trouble when it comes to finding the perfect drink and cigar pairings. We take a look at how to pair cigars based on our ability to pick out complex flavours with our […]

Follow This Guide on How to Repair Your Cigar

Nothing can be as frustrating as saving some of your favourite cigars back for a later date and then returning to find your prized smokes damaged. They can become damaged if we receive them from friends in the mail, or just simply put them in a bag for a weekend getaway with loved ones.

What Impacts the Price of Cigars?

When searching for the perfect stogie, one thing that can often prove to be a stumbling block for many first-time buyers is cost. Across the market, cigar prices can vary greatly, making it difficult to know which cigars are best to purchase. While some are suspiciously low-priced, others seem to be ludicrously expensive. So, what […]

A brief guide to cigar smoking for the beginner

Alec Bradley Fine & Rare jRs 10 Cigar

There will inevitably come a time in your life when someone will offer you a cigar. It may be a birthday, the birth of a child, a promotion at work or some similar significant life event whereby you would like to toast the occasion by lighting up a cigar.