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The Fascinating History Behind Cuba’s Cigar Industry

Cuban cigars

Cigar smoking tends to lend itself to moments of calm, allowing you to sit back in a chair, as the luxurious smoke swirls around you, and have a good think about things. If you’re a fan of Cuban cigars, you may have thought about where they come from and how they have gained such a […]

Living Like Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill smoking Romeo and Juliet Cigars

While Winston Churchill is perhaps best known for being the Prime Minister to lead Britain successfully through the Second World War, the man is also known for his love of food, liquor and, most importantly, cigars. We take a look at these three loves in this iconic man’s life.

Cigars: A Lasting Symbol of Male Success

For centuries, cigars have served as iconic accompaniments for men of wealth and power. Many famous figures such as Winston Churchill, Al Capone, and Alfred Hitchcock would seldom be seen without a signature stogie protruding from their mouths, each a top dog in their profession (legal or not). But what exactly has made the cigar […]

A journey through time: the cigar

Now that 2017 is well and truly underway, it’s time to remind ourselves of the rich and varied history of the cigar and why they are have played such an integral role in cultures throughout time. Knowing more about the background of certain cigars allows you to better understand the cultural significance associated with each […]

Juliany Cigars – Best Value Cigars in the UK?

Juliany Best Value Cigars UK

Cigar History : Juliany Cigars – Best Value Cigars in the UK? Welcome to Cigar History, a series of blogs created by the team at Havana House about the background of cigar brands. Today is a special edition. Not only are we taking a look into the interesting past of Juliany cigars, but we are […]