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A Gentleman’s Guide to Classic Cocktails

They say curiosity killed the cat, right? Well, it also killed the days of necking sickly sweet shots in order to see who could ‘handle’ their drink. At some stage in every gentleman’s life, drinking becomes more of a hobby than a means of simply getting drunk. Upon graduating from boy to man, the desire […]

A Guide to Cigar Smoking in London

Many may assume that the 2007 smoking ban would have dampened the English passion for cigar smoking. However, the undying love for a pleasurable smoke lives on in London, proved by the large variety of bustling cigar bars and lounges that continue to boom in the capital. Along with supplying some of the world’s most […]

Roll Your Own Cigars at Camp Camacho

The ultimate cigar aficionados experience is back and better than ever after a ten-year hiatus. Camacho Cigars announced the return of Camp Camacho late last year, and the trip dates are almost upon us, running between February and April 2018. It’s not too late to get involved though, as tickets are still available.

Cigar Festival Season is Here for 2018

For many, January is a miserable month. However, for cigar enthusiasts, it signals the arrival of festival season! Throughout January and February around the world, a number of cigar festivals take place each year, all celebrating cigars, tobacco and the all-round experience of enjoying a good old stogie. So, if you fancy a winter getaway […]

Do Cigars and Champagne Pair Well Together?

Glasses of Champagne

Pairing cigars with anything can be a particularly controversial decision, as everyone has a personal opinion. Over the Christmas and New Years period, Champagne tends to be a particularly popular drink choice. But can cigars and Champagne work well together? Some seem to think so, and we are here to tell you why!

Is the Shine on Your Wrapper a Sign Of Quality?

A pile of cigars

First impressions count, and as the first thing the smoker notices when looking at a cigar, the colour and sheen of the wrapper are incredibly important for revealing the quality of the cigar. The cigar wrapper essentially acts as a marketing tool for the cigar, and the manufacturer, trying to sell us the stogie with […]

A Plugged Cigar: To Save or Not to Save?

Winston Churchill thinking.

Every gentleman has been there; you have been saving an exceptional cigar all day to relax with during the evening. It’s a peaceful night; you pour yourself a drink and recline into a comfortable position, the cigar is cut and lit, but there is a problem. Your draw becomes devilishly hard, and smoke volume is […]