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Cigar History: Cohiba Cigars

cohiba cigar next to a cup of coffee

While relatively new in comparison to some cigar brands, Cohiba is one of the most iconic cigar manufacturers in Cuba and the world. Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos S.A. and is known for producing the finest quality premium cigars using some of the world’s best tobacco. They implement unique maturation techniques to craft […]

9 Facts About Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba cigars are one of the best-loved brands of Cuban cigars. The Cohiba brand name has become synonymous with luxury, quality and flavour. Anyone who gets to smoke one of these cigars is in for a real treat! Whether Cohiba has already firmly established themselves as your favourite cigar brand, or you’re just starting to […]

Men’s 2018 Summer Style Guide

A man wearing a check shirt and jeans in a wooded area outdoors

When it comes to fashion, men tend to be more inclined to stick with what they know rather than jump on the latest trend. However, though many of us claim to be indifferent to fashion, our wardrobes often tell a different story; there’s no doubt that you’ll have a casual check shirt, a pair of […]

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