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The Fascinating History Behind Cuba’s Cigar Industry

Cuban cigars

Cigar smoking tends to lend itself to moments of calm, allowing you to sit back in a chair, as the luxurious smoke swirls around you, and have a good think about things. If you’re a fan of Cuban cigars, you may have thought about where they come from and how they have gained such a […]

A Merry Cuban Christmas

three cars in Havana on Christmas day

Christmas is a beautiful time of year, a chance for family and friends to spend time together, and eventually, grow tired of seeing each other. One of, if not the most prominent Christian holidays, Christmas has spawned some unlikely traditions across the globe. With the Krampus in Austria (a Christmas demon who punishes naughty children), […]

Top 7 Travel Destinations for Cigar Lovers

Travel Destinations for Cigar Lovers: A green car driving on a street in Havana

For many cigar aficionados, there’s nothing better than savouring the taste of a flavoursome stogie under the warming rays of the summer sun. However, while the weather has certainly started to pick up over the last few weeks, you may find yourself experiencing that familiar feeling of yearning for a bit of explorative summertime travel. […]

Does the Country Tobacco is Grown in Make a Difference to Cigars?

Tobacco plants in a field in Cuba

Usually, when you look to buy a cigar, the country of origin for each section of the cigar – filler, binder and wrapper – are all proudly displayed, and are often considered to be a good indicator of what to expect from your stogie. While it is certainly not the case that you can determine […]

Cigar Festival Season is Here for 2018

For many, January is a miserable month. However, for cigar enthusiasts, it signals the arrival of festival season! Throughout January and February around the world, a number of cigar festivals take place each year, all celebrating cigars, tobacco and the all-round experience of enjoying a good old stogie. So, if you fancy a winter getaway […]

How is Climate Change Affecting Cuban Cigars?

A tobacco plantation for Cuban cigars

Cuban cigars consistently rank at the top of many cigar aficionado’s favourites lists. However, with weather conditions changing for the worse due to global warming, how is the Cuban cigar industry being affected? We take a look at some of the effects on Cuban plantations:

Cohiba Talismán World Launch Report

Cohiba Talismán World Launch Report

Cuba’s first Edición Limitada of 2017, the Cohiba Talismán, made its debut last night in London. The big, dark cigars had a bit of a surprise…pigtail caps! When the Cohiba Talismán was announced in February at the Habanos Festival, art for the new Cohiba showed a picture-perfect mounted head. But there’s always a long delay—typically […]