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Windsor Cigar Cruise 2018

The Windsor Cigar Cruise 2018

One of the biggest cigar events on the UK calendar is coming up; The Windsor Cigar Cruise! Over a hundred people attend each year and have done for the past eleven years, making this a truly unmissable event for cigar aficionados around the country.

How to Celebrate Burns Night This Year

Burn’s Night is fast approaching, meaning it’s about time you decide what tipple you’ll be indulging in come Thursday night! On the 25th January, people around the world will be cracking open a bottle to celebrate the life of Scottish poet Robert Burns. You can kiss goodbye to any attempts at a ‘dry January’!

Do Cigars and Champagne Pair Well Together?

Glasses of Champagne

Alcohol can often enhance a smoking experience, and cigar aficionados tend to have strong ideas about which beverages work best with their beloved cigars. While whisky is the most commonly attempted pairing for cigar lovers, during special events or the festive season, Champagne may be the drink on offer. Pairing cigars with anything seems to […]

Tuxedo’s or T-shirts? What’s Best to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Man wearing suit and watch pulling down his sleeve.

Whatever you’ve got planned for New Year’s Eve, it’s always nice to look good. Whether it’s a big night out with friends or a chilled evening at home, entering the new year in style is a must. So, after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we recommend taking some time out to think about what […]