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Drinks on Screen: Cocktails from Film and TV

cocktail recipes from films

Since the beginning of film and television, characters onscreen have often been depicted with a drink in hand, sat at a bar, or enjoying a sneaky sip at home. Some of these characters and shows have made the drinks famous, or have made the drink so iconic, linking it to the character that we can’t […]

Cigar and Pipe Smoking Cartoon Characters

While you may think that the child-targeted animations and cartoons produced by the likes of Disney would not be displaying characters smoking on screen, there have actually been a wide number of animated faces from both film and TV to light up on screen. We take a look at just a few of the cigar […]

Iconic cigar scenes from Hollywood classics

Film crew shoot iconic cigar scenes.

We enjoy sampling the latest cigar offerings on the market or reliving some fine classics, accompanied by a rich alcoholic beverage and great, like-minded company. But there are other ways to appreciate a good cigar- that’s why we’re looking at some of the most iconic cigar scenes in some of these blockbuster movies that you […]