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Cigars: A Lasting Symbol of Male Success

For centuries, cigars have served as iconic accompaniments for men of wealth and power. Many famous figures such as Winston Churchill, Al Capone, and Alfred Hitchcock would seldom be seen without a signature stogie protruding from their mouths, each a top dog in their profession (legal or not). But what exactly has made the cigar […]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Classic Cocktails

They say curiosity killed the cat, right? Well, it also killed the days of necking sickly sweet shots in order to see who could ‘handle’ their drink. At some stage in every gentleman’s life, drinking becomes more of a hobby than a means of simply getting drunk. Upon graduating from boy to man, the desire […]

Peter James – The Gentleman’s Case You Cannot Live Without

A peter james case next to whiskey

It is far too common when heading to our favourite place to smoke a stogie, and our pockets are rattling around with keys, cigar cutter, lighter, wallet; nothing has its proper placement. As the style of men’s clothing becomes more fitting, it is becoming increasingly harder to fit everything in.