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The Complete Guide to Cigar Smoking

Whether you are just starting out in the cigar world or are looking to freshen up on the basics, this guide will help you turn from a beginner to a refined and well-educated smoker of cigars! Click a topic, or scroll down to learn everything! What Cigar Should You Buy as a Beginner? Understanding Cigar […]

Common Problems With Humidors

Humidors are used to keep cigars safe and stored in the optimum conditions to ensure their longevity and to keep them tasting fresh and aromatic, so of course, it is immensely disappointing if a problem occurs that leaves your humidor not working at its best. Problems with a humidor can occur due to both inferior […]

Cigar Questions Answered: How to Taste a Cigar

A man tasting a cohiba cigar

While sometimes a cigar is just a thing that you smoke, on other occasions, when you have a little more time to relax and properly enjoy the experience, it can be a chance to explore the flavours of each stogie and enhance your palate. Some cigars flavours are bold and instantly identifiable, whereas others may […]

Cigar Questions Answered: How to Blow Smoke Rings

Smoke rings from cigars

We’ve taken a look at some of your most frequently asked questions regarding cigars on Google, and we’re here to answer them. As a smoker, at some point you’ve probably tried to blow a smoke ring. Many of us have never done it, but have dreamed of the day we can. Maybe you’ve managed it […]