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How to Throw a Cigar Tasting Party

A cigar, cutter, lighter and glass of whisky

When you are a cigar lover, it is more than likely that some of your friends will also enjoy a stogie or two now and then. What better way to spend time together than by hosting a cigar tasting party, complete with some food, drink, and above all else, smoking!? Here is our guide to […]

6 Tips to be Unforgettable at the Next Gathering

Ernest Rouart painting, soiree, men and ladies talk at a party

At some point during your life, you will host or be invited to take part in a social gathering, a soiree, box social or party. This fantastic opportunity to meet another tribe, or celebrate with your own, should never be turned down without good reason; we understand it’s not always easy to navigate the intricacies […]