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What is Briar Wood for Tobacco Pipes?

briarwood pipe

Briar wood is one of the most popular choices of material to make tobacco pipes from. We explore why this type of wood is so good for pipes and if you should choose a briar wood pipe for your tobacco smoking endeavours. What is Briar Wood? Briar wood comes from the root of the Erica […]

How to Smoke a Pipe

Man in a field smoking a pipe

If you want to enjoy all the wonders that tobacco tasting has to offer, but cigars aren’t quite your style, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy tobacco, but none are as distinguished and sophisticated as pipe smoking. However, if you don’t know how to smoke a pipe or do […]

How to Store Pipe Tobacco

a pipe filled with tobacco

Pipe smoking has been around for centuries and remains a classic way to enjoy smoking tobacco. Much like with cigars, pipe smoking is an experience that focuses on tasting complex blends of tobacco, but with the use of a pipe. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned smoker, when you purchase pipe tobacco you’ll likely […]

A Guide to Cellaring Pipe Tobacco

a man in a flat cap smoking a pipe

While we recommend trying various blends of pipe tobacco until you find a match, it does lead to one inevitable outcome; you’re going to end up with more tobacco than you can smoke. Be it cigars, chewing or pipe, it’s essential to know how to store your collection properly. Otherwise, you could find yourself with […]

4 Best Quotes About Pipe Smoking

A man lighting a pipe

Similar to cigars, smoking a pipe is a blend of experiences that unfold to create what some would describe, as a ritual. The combination of flavours in the tobacco, the beauty of the pipe itself, and the relaxation that it exudes are only a few of the many factors as to why it is such […]

Five Tips for the Perfect Pipe Smoke

A smoking pipe on a piece of wood with smoke from the bowl

1 There’s something special about the time spent pipe smoking. Whether it’s a contemplative moment by yourself or a long conversation with friends, pipe smoking is a wonderful way to unwind from the world. One of the joys of pipe smoking compared to other methods is the whole routine that surrounds the practice. Whether you’re […]

Six Pipe Community Instagrams to Follow for Inspiration

Authentic traditional tobacco pipes on a wooden stand

Pipe smoking is a timeless activity enjoyed by people all across the world. Whether you prefer sitting back for a quiet bowl of an evening or enjoying a smoke and catch-up with friends, pipes can mean different things to different people. Thanks to social media, the pipe smoking community has not only grown but also […]

5 Pipe Smoking Techniques for Experienced Smokers

a smoking pipe

We’ve covered plenty of information for beginners to the world of pipe smoking, but it is less easy to share advice for those who are more seasoned to the smoke. Once you’ve been smoking pipes for a while, you tend to pick up your own habits and techniques for preparing, lighting and tamping your pipe, […]

7 Accessories Every Pipe Smoker Needs

Pipe and accessories

For many pipe smokers, half of the enjoyment that comes with this hobby is the constant hunt and collecting of new and exciting smoking items. Whether this is sourcing a new pipe for your collection, discovering an untried blend, or adding that final important accessory to your kit.

6 Facts About Tobacco Pipes

Tobacco pipes with filters

Like cigars, smoking a pipe is an experience, rather than just a quick fix of nicotine like a standard cigarette. The enjoyment of packing the tobacco, getting a great light and drawing through the first few plumes of smoke is something that is hard to replicate. Although pipes may simply be something to smoke from, […]

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