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Can Whisky be Matured in an Hour?

Whisky that has been aged

Imagine a world in which whisky could be aged in mere hours, rather than the several years it currently takes. In theory, you could sit and enjoy a dram while a whisky was specially made and aged for you while you wait. Well, recently released documents, previously kept secret, have revealed that this could have […]

Scientists Have Found a Way to Make Whisky Clear

Whiskey poured through a graphene filter

A recent research study from the National Graphene Institute has allowed for scientists to produce a whisky that is completely clear. Graphene is a million times thinner than a human hair, is flexible and is also stronger than steel, making it an incredibly versatile matter. Graphene is a material that was previously considered to be […]

Does Whisky Taste Better with Water? Science May Have an Answer

A glass of whisky with ice

We all have an opinion on what constitutes the finest way to take your whisky; be it straight, on the rocks or with a splash of something sparkling. While whisky enthusiasts have long debated how the beverage is best enjoyed, science may finally provide us with an answer. New research into diluting the drink suggests […]