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Are Whiskey and Bourbon the Same Thing?

Bourbon whiskey

A commonly asked question relating to whiskey is whether or not Bourbon and whisky are the same thing. At its simplest, the answer is that Bourbon is a type of whiskey, but not all whiskies are Bourbons. To count as a Bourbon, the whiskey must meet a strict set of rules regarding its ingredients and […]

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Whisky

whisky health benefits

We will all be aware of the risks that come from overindulging in a few too many glasses of whisky too often, but are you aware of the potential benefits that the drink can bring when enjoyed in moderation?! While there is still a lot of debate as to whether the health benefits of alcohol, […]

Whiskies Made From Alternative Grains

In theory, whisky can be made from almost any grain, although the vast majority of distilleries will stick to the traditional four grains, which include barley, rye, corn and wheat. However, as the whisky world expands and distilleries look to new methods to get an edge on the ever-growing competition, non-traditional grains are being turned […]

7 Weirdest Whiskies in the World

Whisky is now one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, with sought-after bottles fetching thousands at auction. So, it is no surprise that many distilleries are attempting to produce whiskies with gimmicks, hoping to make their own fortunes from the whisky industry. While some have been great successes, others have proved a little […]

8 Fascinating Facts about Whisky

Whisky facts

Whisky is the tipple of choice for many, but while you might know your malt from your grain or your rye from your corn, how much do you actually know about your usual down at the local? It’s been around for centuries and has been there for generation after generation when they need it most; […]

7 Instagram Accounts Cigar and Whisky Lovers Need to Follow

Instagram accounts for cigar and whisky lovers

While in the past, the only way to enjoy a dram and a smoke would be to actually have a cigar and a glass of whisky, now with the age of social media, experiencing some of the joys of these treats can be instantaneous with the incredible Instagram accounts showing off the impressive collections of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pairing

Pairing cigars

Trying to find a great pairing for your cigars can prove tricky for even the most advanced cigar aficionado. To help you on your way to finding the perfect partners we have put together our ultimate pairing guide, covering drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as well as an assortment of food.