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Scientists Have Found a Way to Make Whisky Clear

Whiskey poured through a graphene filter

A recent research study from the National Graphene Institute has allowed for scientists to produce a whisky that is completely clear. Graphene is a million times thinner than a human hair, is flexible and is also stronger than steel, making it an incredibly versatile matter. Graphene is a material that was previously considered to be […]

How to Host a Gentleman’s Dinner Party

A festive dinner party with cigars

With Christmas and New Years on the way, you may be starting to put plans in place to meet up with friends and family during the festive period. Often we fall into routines of meeting up; getting together at someone’s house for nibbles or visiting the same pub or restaurant year on year. Why not […]

How to Avoid Fake Whisky

A selection of whiskeys

A man walks into a bar… but this is no joke. Earlier this year,  Chinese writer, Zhang Wei, approached a bar at the Hotel Waldhaus Am See in St Moritz. He ordered the world’s most expensive whisky; coming in at £7,700 for a single shot. The dram came from a previously unopened bottle of ‘Macallan […]

Does Whisky Taste Better with Water? Science May Have an Answer

A glass of whisky with ice

We all have an opinion on what constitutes the finest way to take your whisky; be it straight, on the rocks or with a splash of something sparkling. While whisky enthusiasts have long debated how the beverage is best enjoyed, science may finally provide us with an answer. New research into diluting the drink suggests […]

Cats and Scotch: The Story of the Mouser

Cat lays on barrel.

Whether you’re a cat person or not, if you are relaxing this evening with a nice dram of Scotch – perhaps with a couple of the finest Davidoff cigars – you’ll have to pay homage and toast to our feline friends. For centuries, cats have kept the whisky production flowing by protecting those precious grains […]

Havana House’s Top Whiskies to Try This Autumn

Whisky barrel full of whisky ready for Havana House customers to drink

We all know that every season is whisky season. However, we have to admit, now the darker evenings are drawing in and there is a nip in the Great British air, now is the perfect time to start warming up with a selection of fantastic and intriguing whiskies. Below is a comprehensive list of whisky […]

Whiskey Styles 101: Learning to Understand the Different Varieties

Whisky glass and ice cube

As autumn rolls in once again, let’s all celebrate by warming up with one of the finest methods available. For the whiskey connoisseur, this article may be useful to test your knowledge and learn some trivia, and for the gentleman just about to embark on his first journey into the world of whiskey, this article […]