How Do I Light Up My Favourite Cigar?

While this isn’t considered an art form compared to finding the tasting notes in your cigar, it still is highly important to get this bit right – even aficionados get it wrong sometimes! The wrong tool, a slight unflavoured gust of wind, or just simply being too keen when it comes to lighting up your favourite stogie can ruin the experience.

A couple of basic rules include:

  • Making sure to light the cigar on the flame and not in it.
  • Rotating the lighting end, 3mm above a soft flame and about 12-25mm above a jet flame lighter.

A good tip when using a jet flame or torch would be to hold the cigar still and move the flame in a circular motion so that the burning end is made to glow from outside to inside.

Lighting cigars shouldn’t be complicated, just remember to try and achieve as much as an even glow as possible and secondly, never char the outside of the cigar wrapper.

So what’s the best instrument to use when lighting up a fine cigar? Once again this comes down to a person’s specific preference, below you will find some of the ways to light up:



When using matches, one of the main drawbacks would be the sulphur contained in the match head; when this burns sulphur dioxide is released which can taint your cigar. Aim to use pure wood matches and wait 1-3 seconds from when the match is lit before drawing on your smoke.



We have seen people using candles before, and we would suggest you not to! The majority of candles are made from paraffin and when burning release a host of substances such as carbon, benzene and toluene which will make your cigar taste absolutely disgusting. You should avoid using candles at all costs!


Cedar shavings

A nice novelty way to light up, but can be complicated; we suggest using these in your man cave, or in your home… if you’re allowed!



Obviously, a lighter is the go-to choice for most cigar aficionados, but cheap lighters are probably best to be avoided as the gas odour can ruin your cigar’s taste.

A misconception that persists among cigar smokers is that better the gas quality, the better, the lighter works. In fact, the purity of the gas has no bearing on the quality of the lighter, you

In truth, however, the number of refining processes alone is no testimony to the quality. It depends on what foreign substances or impurities there are in the gas.


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