The Xikar Xidris – Best Lighter Yet?

Xiakr Xidris

What’s so great about the Xikar Xidris?

At the most recent IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, Xikar released one of their greatest products to date – the Xikar Xidris. After trying the latest lighter in their line, we have decided that this is the best that they have ever made. The product made its debut alongside the Xikar XO, which you can read more about here.

The moment you pick up the Xidris you think – premium. The lighter’s design is inspired by the luxury appearance of designer sports cars. With uniquely steady lines and smooth curves. The lighter even features an air vent that looks incredibly similar to the spoilers you’d see on a Lamborghini. It doesn’t just look nice though, this product features a variety of features that put it above the rest of the market for performance.

The Honeycomb Ignition

The ignition pad being featured on the side of lighter is a returning feature in Xikar lighters. A welcome one too (No more burnt fingertips!) The pad has been enhanced with a honeycomb style pattern for additional grip. The extra traction means that your finger never slides off of the ignition button.

The Jet Flame

As with most quality cigar lighters, the Xikar Xidris features a single jet flame. This is essential in order to light your cigar evenly. This flame is especially effective at lighting your cigar in a short space of time due to the Direct-Inject flame technology. Another point to note is that this flame is the definition of reliable with a consistent and steady flame. Wind proof, in case you plan on smoking during a hurricane. Additionally, this lighter is ready for use at a high altitude because the mountain tops are one of the finest places to smoke a cigar.

Additional Features

The thrill of owning a premium lighter is utilising all of the features. Modern Xikar’s feature the patented EZ-fuel gauge. A great addition to the Xidris that allows you to always have the optimal amount of purofine in your tank.

Yet another feature of the Xikar Xidris is the auto-closing lid. Whilst this may sound dull, this is an incredibly useful addition to the product. I’m sure there are too many aficionados out there who were forced to discard their favourite lighter due to ash finding it’s way into the mechanics through the lid. The final feature of the new product is the oversized flame wheel. This has become common among premium jet lighters, but it was Xikar who innovated the idea. The wheel fits comfortably on the bottom of the lighter and makes the adjustment of the flame height so much easier.

Overall, we have been very impressed by this lighter. Not only does the tool encompass everything that it great about Xikar (and improve upon it) but it is available at a much lower price that you may be used to. Every member of the team at Havana House is proud to offer the new Xikar Xidris. We are among the first in the UK to sell this item! What do you think? Remember to leave your comments down below!

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