Three Xikar Accessories Every Aficionado Should Own

Xikar cigar accessories are renowned within the industry for their high-quality materials, unique innovation and exquisite craftsmanship. They offer a wide range of cigar and pipe related accessories such as lighters, cutters, humidification and hygrometers and travel cases to name just a few!

With competitive pricing, sleek designs and an unrivalled durability to their products, it’s no wonder Xikar continues to be one of the most sought after brands here at Havana House. We take a look at some of our favourite Xikar products that we believe every cigar lover, whether a stogie newbie or distinguished aficionado should have in their collection:

Xikar Cutter

Xikar Cutters

Xikar offer a wide range of cutters in their collection, including V-cutters, punch cutters and guillotine cutters, as well as cutters designed for use with cigars that feature larger ring gauges.


Xikar Xi3 Phantom Cutter

The Xikar Xi3 Phantom cutter features super sharp matte black blades and a robust stainless steel body that are the epitome of power and performance that produce a smooth cut each time of use. The wings of the cutter are made from three different rare and valuable materials that are known for their reliability and sleek finishes: Carbon fibre, Spalted Tamarind and Redwood.

Spalted Tamarind is a beautiful wood native to southeast Asia. Much of the wood used comes from logs found on the forest floor that have been allowed to spalt in the damp, humid conditions of the jungle. This creates a spectacular pattern on the wood with no two cutters the same. 

Xikar VX2 V-Cutter

Xikar VX2

Some cigar lovers prefer a deeper cut into their cigars, as this can produce a better draw. It is crucial to use a top of the range cutter for this task, however, as cutting a v-shape into a cigar cap cuts through more of the cigar than cleanly slicing off the cap. As such, getting the process wrong can cause the cap and wrapper to split, or expand and break away when pressure is added. Xikar offers just the thing with their VX2 V-Cutter, which uses inverted stainless steel blades to create a clean v-cut of the perfect depth, without causing any imperfections to your cigar.

Xikar XO Cutter


Released in celebration of Xikar’s 20th anniversary, the XO cutter is unique, making the most of the innovative nature of the brand. Using a new ‘Planetary Gear System’, which sees both guillotine blades cut the cigar at exactly the same time to provide the cleanest cut possible and ensure that the cigar is not crushed or squished by the cutter at all. The cutter features a unique and futuristic design, with a circular shape that can accommodate cigars of up to a 64 ring gauge.

Xikar Humidors

Humidification is an essential aspect of safe cigar storage and Xikar takes this very seriously. In addition to offering a range of crystal humidifiers and hygrometers to ensure the long-term maintenance of your humidor, they also have a selection of travel humidors, allowing you to keep your cigar collection safe wherever you may go!

Xikar Cigar Locker

Xikar travel humidors are some of our most popular items for the stogie lover on the go; but the Xikar Cigar Locker isn’t your ordinary travel case! The Cigar Locker is the result of modern design and cutting edge technology and is made from crushproof, high quality ABS moulded plastic, with the Cigar Locker providing a multifunctional transport system with three separate EVA foam lined compartments to protect your cigars, accessories and other valuables.

The Cigar Locker by Xikar is the go to solution for cigar travel, whether your camping for the weekend or jetting off for a business meeting, it can carry 10 full-size Toro cigars in an air-tight compartment as well as any other items you may need to enjoy your smoke, such as cutters and lighters.

Xikar Travel Case

For cigar lovers who regularly jet away on exciting adventures abroad, the cigar cases offer a sturdy storage solution, that is airtight, watertight and crushproof, and works to keep cigars at their optimal humidity level. Xikar Travel cases come in a range of sizes, offering protection for 5 cigars, for weekend breaks or casual smokers, or up to 80 cigars for those looking to bag some boxes while away on a holiday to a cigar lovers paradise, such as Cuba!

Xikar Lighters

Xikar Forte Lighter

Xikar cigar lighters speedily gained a reputation of being the best lighters in the world and the versatile Xikar Forte Lighter embodies this, courtesy of its single jet flame lighter that is designed to last a lifetime. The all metal body features a handy built-in razor sharp 7mm cigar punch, which allows you to be prepared when the moment calls for a cigar, wherever you may be! The Forte Lighter is also available as a soft flame lighter, if that is the style you prefer for lighting your cigar.

You can find out about more of our favourite lighters in our recent blog post!

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