Tips For Finding a Cigar You’ll Love

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Cigar lovers are fairly blessed these days, with a very large variety of smokes to choose from. Whether they be from the major players in the cigar industry or more unique brands, there is an almost infinite number of flavours, sizes and aromas to try. While this is good news for some, for others, the sheer number of cigars to pick from can be overwhelming. Cigars aren’t always the cheapest and can take up to an hour to smoke each one, so most people will be unable to smoke every cigar going to find out which they like best! Picking a cigar that won’t be a waste of your time and money can be challenging, especially for new cigar smokers, so we are offering our top tips to help you discover a smoke you’ll love far more easily.

What Do You Want?

Even if you’ve only smoked a couple of times, you’ll probably have some idea of what it is you want from a cigar. For example, do you want a big cigar, like a Churchill, or a smaller one, like a Corona? As different sizes of cigar will contain different amounts of tobacco, you will find that cigars within the same range can taste a little different, as the varied amount of tobacco within the cigars can alter the character of the smoke.

Think about the flavours you are looking for in your cigar. Mellow or strong? Spicy, sweet or something more complex? Many cigar merchants will offer tasting notes for each cigar they stock, so you can purchase a cigar with a good idea of what you can expect from the smoke’s flavours and aromas. If you are unsure of what you want from your cigar, then think about the kinds of food you like. If you like rich, creamy and sweet foods, then opt for a cigar that matches. A fan of spicy meals? Pick a cigar that packs in spicy notes!

Ask Other Cigar Smokers for Recommendations

Whether you meet up with fellow cigar lovers at home or in a cigar bar or converse in an online forum, there are plenty of opportunities to get in touch with like-minded cigar lovers. Cigar smokers are often very honest and open about their feelings when it comes to whether a cigar hits the mark. Experienced cigar smokers will have sampled a wide range of cigars, and can advise you towards some smokes that meet your requirements. They may also convince you to try one of their favourite smokes, which will introduce you to a whole new experience you hadn’t considered.

Consult an Expert

Cigar magazines, blogs and online reviewers are essential resources for a cigar lover on the hunt for a new cigar. Such sources often get to sample cigars as they are released, and will provide thorough reviews and all the details you need to decide if it’s a smoke for you. Writers at cigar magazines and blogs will have sampled hundreds of cigars from a diverse range of brands and styles, so you can typically trust their opinions!

Likewise, head into your local cigar merchant and ask the owner for their recommendations. They should know their stock, and of any upcoming releases that sound right for you.

Check Reviews

If you have a cigar in mind that you are considering trying, then check out its ratings and reviews online first. If a cigar has poor reviews, then it may be best to avoid. As well as reviews from cigar magazine’s and blogs, check out comments and forums for consumer reviews, as these are likely to be the most honest, and may provide an insight as a casual smoker that may sway the decision for you.

Don’t Just Pick the Cheapest

Most cigar smokers have a budget in mind for their cigars and can be reluctant to splash too much on a new cigar that they may not like. As such, when on the hunt for a new cigar to try, look for something affordable, but not too cheap. When you buy a slightly pricier cigar from a premium brand, they will be rolled with the highest-quality tobacco by the top rollers in the world. As such, they typically taste a lot better than a cheaper cigar. While they may not be exactly the thing you’re looking for, the quality will at least lead to an enjoyable smoke.

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