Top 10 Great Men who smoked cigars

Top 10 Great Men who smoked cigars

Great Men who smoked cigars

There has always been a connection in out culture between great men and fine cigars. So it comes as no surprise that some of the most influential men in all of history enjoyed the smoking past time. Ever since the late King of England, Edward VII, made his famous proclamation of his coronation day, ‘Gentlemen, you may smoke.’ Since, the end of the Victorian era tobacco prohibition, cigar smoking has been cherished by great and common men alike.

Winston Churchill

The Prime minister of Britain, who managed to organise a vast strategic campaign that managed to defeat Hitler and the Nazis, is with out a doubt the most influential man who is associated with cigars. The statesman changed the course of history, but not without the help of his favourite Romeo Petit Julieta.

Al Capone

Al Capone is the most infamous gangster that the streets of New York has ever seen. As a crime boss, he rose to prominence by supplying alcohol to the American people during an era of prohibition. The cigar smoker was a polarising figure, his charitable donations led many to dub him a modern-day Robin Hood, whilst others condemned him for organising violent assaults on rival gangs. There’s nothing more iconic than clasping a Tommy gun in one hand and a Bolivar in the other.

Charlie Chaplain

Charlie Chaplain become a worldwide icon through the medium of silent film, expressing his views and mocking real world issues with the ever helpful aid of comedy. At age 19, the impoverished young man was taken to America with a group of travelling actors, this is where his film career began and where he fell in love with cigars.

Michael Jordan

The most iconic basketball player of all time’s career was quite literally cut short by his love of cigars. Swinging a cigar cutter around his finger, as we all do from time to time, he cut a ligament which forced his initial retirement. According to a number of his team mates, Jordan would smoke cigars all the time even on the coach.

John F. Kennedy

It’s ironic that the president of the United States who was most beloved of cigars, was the same president who declared the Cuban embargo. No less than 24 hours before he announced the new legislation, however, he ordered his aide to gather as many Petit Upmann cigars as he could. Mr Sallinger didn’t fail and rounded up 1200 cigars!

Fidel Castro

It’s hard to imagine the man who has ruled Cuba with an iron fist for 40 years without a cigar in his mouth. His accomplishments include not only a guerilla revolution with a cigar smoke to celebrate his victory but also the creation of Cuba’s top line – Cohiba. The Cohiba Corona Especial would go on to become Castro’s favourite cigar.

Che Guevara

You can’t mention Fidel Castro without tipping your hat to Che Guevara. Despite being asthmatic, the Argentinian took up the Cuban custom of cigar smoking and quickly began to enjoy it. He allowed himself but two pleasures, books and cigars. Whilst Fidel was the Iron Fist, Che Guevara is arguably a more influential figure. His photograph has become a symbol of rebellion.

Rudyard Kipling

The British author’s writings will remain famous all over the world for many centuries to come he could not have written them without the aid of a cigar. His love of tobacco can be defined by one of his best quotes ‘a woman is a woman but a good cigar is a smoke’.

King Edward VII of England

In Victorian Britain, smoking was frowned upon and even outright banned across a lot of the country. At King Edward’s coronation, he announced ‘Gentlemen, you may now smoke’ and put an end to the years of demonisation that smokers had been previously be subjected to.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It would appear that the Austrian body-builder, Arnold Swarzenegger was in every action film of the late 80’s. He is without a doubt one of the greats of Hollywood, let alone doing a fantastic job at the head of the Californian state.

Thanks for reading our blog! Which cigar smoker do you think deserves to be on this list? Ron Perlman, Bill Clinton, rush Limbaugh? The list of great men who also happen to be cigar aficionados seems endless! Leave you own list in the comments section below.

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