Top 5 Best Value Cigars

Best Value Cigars

The UK’s Best Value cigars

In the early 20th century, Kind Edward VII made his famous proclamation upon his coronation, ‘gentlemen you may smoke’. As he ended Queen Victoria’s long smoking ban, he simultaneous lifted the barriers for all types of men (and women of course) to pick up the cigar smoking hobby. From now on it would not be only lords and ladies who could enjoy a fine cigar. Anyone could dabble in the art of connoisseurship.

Of course, not everyone wishes to spend a great deal of money on the rarest vintage premium cigars. In honour of the regular man taking up the great smoking hobby, we have created a list of cigars that grant you the best smoke for your money. The best bang for your buck so to speak.


Best value multi-pack cigars

Davidoff Winston Churchill Belicoso

This cigar already seems to be a favourite among cigar aficionados. This newly released cigar is flying off the shelves at Havana House and not without good reason either. The blend is authentic with the tobacco originating from prime regions around the world including Mexico, Dominican and Nicaragua. This creates a wonderfully complex cigar. It is incredible that this cigar is so inexpensive considering, at less than £30 for a tin of 4 cigars! The cigar has been named the Traveller after Churchill’s love for adventure. After his first international adventure to Cuba he fell in love with cigars and took them with him around the world.


Best value large cigars

Aging Room M356 Major Cigar

The M356 Major cigar is major in taste and minor in price! This premium cigar has a massive 60 ring gauge and is a substantial six and a half inches long. The blend is very complex changes as the cigar burns through. At first you’ll get notes of roasted nuts then hickory wood finished off with pepper. The M356 Major is always going to tantalise your taste buds, especially at less than £20 each. This is remarkable value for a large 95 rated cigar.


Best value inexpensive cigar

Juliany Maduro Petit Corona

Juliany cigars are often considered the best value cigars in the UK. In fact, if you type into google the word ‘value’ you might just find an image of a Juliany Maduro! Despite their low cost, Juliany cigars are made with some of the finest tobacco in the Dominican. Interestingly, these cigars are rolled in a factory run by women. Their skills are second to none as you can see from the pigtail caps on the petit corona. A bundle of 25 cigars will cost you less than £120, which is a complete marvel. If you haven’t tried these cigars, we suggest that you do as you might just find yourself falling in love with the flavours (and the price!)


Best value premium cigar

Te-Amo World Series

The words premium and value are often seen at opposite ends of the spectrum. The Te-Amo world series brings together premium cigars and low prices so there is no wonder that they are best sellers! The interesting concept behind the world series is that each of the Robusto cigars feature a blend from a different island of the New World. While the Mexican blend feature the highest quality tobacco and the Cuban mixture has been blended beautifully, there is still vast debate in the cigar aficionado community as to which is the best blend. At the low-cost price of £8.50 per Robusto cigar it doesn’t really matter!


Best value non-Cuban cigar

Turrent Tradicional

Mexico has beautiful tobacco but no one has a better pick than A. Turrent. Not only can these cigars be considered the best cigars coming out of Mexico, they can also be considered the best value non-Cuban cigars! These cigars are fermented to perfection. Slow burning with a fantastic draw and absolutely bursting with complexity. Chocolate, caramel, nuts, wood, cedar your senses are engulfed with a barrage of pleasure. We firmly suggest that you take a closer look at this cigar.


Thanks for reading our blog! We suggest that you take a closer look at these cigars either online or in our stores. What do you think is the best value cigar in the UK? We’d love to know and so would the fellow readers of this blog so be sure to leave your comments down below!



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