The Traditional Occasions to Enjoy Cigars

Groomsmen enjoy some fine cigars during a wedding.

The experience of cigars is always a welcomed one, regardless of the occasion. However, there are some milestones in your lifetime where a cigar is apt to celebrate the momentous event. In our latest guide, we highlight the times where you should arm yourself with some high-quality Cuban cigars, take a few puffs and simply enjoy the moment.

Weddings (especially your own!)

A fine cigar feels almost mandatory to celebrate the big day. Gathered with your nearest and dearest, or just the best man and your old man, a high-quality cigar will be the perfect excuse to retire from the rest of the wedding party and exchange a few wise words about marriage. A perfect memory for every newly-wed man!


A New-Born Baby

Coming a close second to weddings, a cigar is synonymous with the birth of a new child. According to old traditions, it is customary for new fathers to buy cigars for family members to mark the occasion and smoke together at the best opportunity. Whilst this tradition is perhaps not prevalent now, it is always nice for father and son to spend some moments together to celebrate the new member of the family and talk about how to navigate fatherhood.


An Accomplishment in Your Career

There is no better time to fire up a stogie than when you’ve achieved a milestone in your career. After days, months or even years of hard work, you should congratulate yourself properly with a high-quality cigar. We would recommend investing in a box of cigars so that you can have a cigar to mark every accomplishment you make within your successful career.


Christmas and Boxing Day

There’s nothing better on these festive days when all the presents have been opened, and the food has been eaten than retiring to the living room to sit by the roaring fire, cigar in hand. Pour yourself a cool tumbler of whiskey and sink into an armchair whilst you enjoy the taste of the premium cigars that someone has (hopefully) gifted you!


New Year’s Eve

Start the new year off properly by lighting up a stogie as the fireworks bang. Cigars are always the perfect way to commemorate a big occasion, as our list highlights, and the new year is perhaps the biggest party of them all!



Take time off work to celebrate your birthday in style with a grand party. Get in a few of your favourite drinks, and a couple of fine cigars, to mark the new milestone age. If you’re not too happy about turning older, you can still use it as an occasion to take a break from the usual and enjoy the finer options.



A cigar is arguably enjoyed so much more against a dramatic backdrop. Whilst on a road trip in an unfamiliar destination, stop along the way when you see a spectacular view, fire up one of your stogies and have five minutes to yourself. There is nothing like a spot of self-contemplation to make you feel entirely relaxed.


These occasions are perhaps some of our favourite times to enjoy a cigar, but we would love to hear from our readers about the occasions when they love to smoke a high-quality stogie. Let us know via our social media channels!

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