INFOGRAPHIC: Train Your Palate With Our Cigar Tasting Note Wheel

A collection of fine cigars from Havana House

A cigar tasting note wheel can be used by both novices and aficionados, alike. This is an essential school of development that will help to heighten the experience, and enjoyment, of smoking a stogie. You may well have a favourite cigar as a go-to, but trying new cigars can be just as exciting as sitting down to light up your favourite smoke.

Take our tasting note wheel away and let it be a guide as you head on a journey of pleasure, discovering new elements and opening doors that were previously unopened, helping you to become a well-oiled cigar enthusiast.


Havana House - Tasting Notes Wheel

We hope you can take something away and learn from our tasting note wheel. Feel free to share this with your cigar buddies who you think might benefit from it just as much as they would with one of our new Xikar Humidors!


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