How to Travel with Your Cigars

Travelling with a suitcase and cigars

As we begin to approach the summer months, we know many of you will be looking to escape the unpredictable and often disappointing British summer for somewhere a little more tropical. Whether this is a week’s holiday in a sunny European destination or a longer stay in somewhere more luxurious, getting away from it all can be just what the doctor ordered. No matter what kind of stay you’re planning, make sure you pack some top notch sticks to enjoy in the sun, the cherry on the cake! If you’re a less experienced smoker, or haven’t travelled with cigars very much before, here’s some useful tips to keep your cigars in tip top condition while you travel.

A box of cigars

What Sort of Holiday?

Before you’ve even set foot out of the front door, you need to consider what kind of holiday you’re heading on. Is it going to be a holiday during which you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy a long, luxurious smoke? Or will you be trying to fit one in here and there while you visit various attractions and theme parks with the family. These are important considerations as this will play the main part in what kind of cigars you’ll be taking with you.

If you’re heading on a relaxing holiday and you know you’ll have loads of time to yourself, why not pack a few more luxurious sticks? Maybe one or two you’ve been saving up. If a holiday isn’t a special enough occasion to crack them open then what is? Consider plumping for cigars with larger ring gauges or longer sticks in general that offer a longer smoke. Equally, if you know you’ll have the time, maybe bring a few of your more expensive stogies to enjoy while basking in the sun. Additionally, many foreign countries have more relaxed smoking laws so there will be more places to enjoy your smokes.

Equally, if you’re heading on a family holiday where you’ll be rushed from museum to zoo to water park, maybe bring a selection of smaller, less expensive cigars. This way, you’ll be able to fit in a number of smaller smokes during the trip and you won’t be worried about leaving a cigar half smoked. Consider a smaller ring gauge or bringing a pack of your favourite cigarillos.

Maintaining Humidity and Condition

For many of us, our humidors are our cigar safehavens. They keep them perfectly humidified, in great shape and avoid ruining their construction. It’s no wonder why we get a bit nervous when we have to take them out of their home and pack them in hand or hold luggage. A vital consideration of travelling with cigars is how you can ensure they keep their humidity, shape and overall condition.

There’s really nothing worse than cracking open a cigar in the sun and realising the wrapper has come undone, or that the stick has dried out and gone stale. To keep your cigars in perfect condition, there are a number of fantastic solutions. Many of these techniques are addressed in our article on storing cigars without a humidor here.

However, if you’re looking for a more rugid solution, then we’d suggest checking out our range of travel humidors. It’s also worth grabbing yourself some of the Xikar 2-way humidity control packs to store with your cigars, regardless of whether you’re travelling with a top notch humidor or a Tupperware box. These will maintain the humidity and keep your cigars tasting fresh.

Another suggestion would be to check out our range of tubos cigars. These are cigars that are packaged individually either in plastic or thin metal tubes with the intention of keeping them humidified and in great condition. Although these certainly aren’t a long term solution, they can be great stop-gaps for a short break away.

Cigars with lighter and cutter


It’s worth noting that if you’re travelling from the UK, you can only bring one lighter with you and this must be kept on your person throughout the flight. Matches and lighters are not allowed in hand or checked luggage which means you’ll have to carefully consider which lighter you bring with you. Ensure that it is topped up with fluid too! Something like our Xikar lighters would be a great option.

Although cutters can sometimes be available in the duty free area, it can often be up to the security team whether you can pack yours in your hand luggage. We’d thoroughly recommend packing your cutter into your hold luggage, however, if you’re travelling light, make sure you pack a less valuable cutter incase the worse happens!

Hopefully this will provide you with some useful tips for travelling with your sticks this year. Let us know which cigars you’ll be taking with you this year on Facebook and Twitter! And if you’re looking to grab some cigar accessories, check out our online store!

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