What to Wear for New Years

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The Christmas and new year period can often cause stress and pressure, often unnecessarily, over the smallest of things. Whether it’s buying last minute gifts for people or trying to cram in visits to family and friends in an impossibly small time frame, worrying about what we’re wearing sits pretty near the bottom of the priority list. We’ll agree, that sometimes (only sometimes) it’s acceptable to wear jogging bottoms to visit family, but the evening of New Year is a special occasion and should be treated accordingly. In light of this, we’ve put together a brief guide of what you should be wearing for whatever the event you’re attending:

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Smart Casual

Probably the most popular choice for gents heading out to an occasion, when a suit isn’t required then smart casual is the style of choice, but what does it really mean? If you ask 100 people, you’ll likely get 100 different answers so we want to keep it simple. Smart casual should always involve a shirt with buttons, no t-shirts allowed here! Polo shirts are on the cusp of being acceptable but we’d recommend a buttoned shirt because at the very least it looks as if you’ve ‘tried’ to make an effort.

Next on the agenda is trousers. Like polo shirts, jeans are on the cusp of being allowed and the lines between smart and casual jeans are pretty blurred. One thing we can say for certain is ripped jeans are not on the menu! If you’re planning on wearing denim legwear, make sure they’re well fitted and don’t have holes. A good way to go would be opting for chinos, this also brings the option to add a splash of colour as chinos can be bought in myriad varieties! If bright colour isn’t for you, then a black or navy option would work well with pretty much most outfits.

To finish the look, we’d suggest a light knitted jumper or woollen blazer as these are both versatile elements of the outfit. Shoes wise, suede and leather are both good options and in terms of style, you can’t go wrong with a lace-up brogue or derby shoe. Accessories can be added but should be used sparingly, don’t overdo it! A knitted tie can add a contrasting colour to the shirt and offer a nice personal touch.

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For occasions that call for a smarter dress code, it’s important to be on you’re A-game. Similar to smart casual, smart can also be an ambiguous term that can mean anything from a suit and tie to jeans and blazer (which we have classified as smart casual). We think smart should always include a crisp, ironed shirt with a tie and fitted trousers that aren’t too baggy. Suit trousers or chinos are your best bet here, but they’ll need to be clean and crisp, not wrinkled! If you’re opting for suit trousers, then a matching jacket will be the way to go, but if you’re more of a chino man then a blazer jacket should be your over-layer of choice; if you’re going for this option, they won’t have to match.

To add an extra brush of colour and style, you can use a pocket square/handkerchief or add a tie pin to keep your tie straight and flat. Shoes are similar to smart casual, with leather or suede being an option, but, make sure they’re polished/clean before wearing them, scuffed shoes can completely ruin your smart look!

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Fancy Dress

How could we talk about New Year and not include fancy dress? If you’re going to cracking open a box of Cuban Cigars on this prestigious occasion, why not incorporate those into your outfit by dressing up as one of these Cigar-Smoking Comic Book Heroes.

Fancy dress is an excellent opportunity to get creative and let your imagination run wild! Whether it’s a themed event or a free for all, you’ll want to make sure you follow our simple rules to fancy dress:

1. Be different – This is your chance to get creative and dream up a whole new fancy dress trend. People have seen Elvis and Superman turn up to so many parties that no one bats an eyelid now, try thinking outside the box and make your outfit the talk of the night!
2. Be respectful – Sometimes it can be tough to know where to draw the line for your fancy dress, but as a rule, we’d suggest that you err on the side of caution and for the sake of an outfit, it’s not worth offending people and having people talk about your outfit for all the wrong reasons!
3. Be comfortable – One of the things people often forget about a fancy dress is that you’ll be wearing it all night, so make sure you’re comfortable! If your outfit stops you from sitting down, then you’ll be regretting it after a few hours so make sure you’ve taken this into account.
4. Be committed – If you’re doing fancy dress, there shouldn’t be a middle ground, you have to pick your outfit and commit to it; don’t wear normal clothes with an outfit ‘theme’. This is your chance to own the occasion, go big or go home.

Hopefully, this article has given you some food for thought on what kind of style you’ll be going for on this New Year. Let us know what your outfit of choice is on Facebook and Twitter and we’d love to see some photos of your best fancy dress!

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