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The northern city of Liverpool is one that is known for its heritage and history. In 2008, it held the joint position of being Europe’s capital of culture, sharing the title with Stavanger in Norway. The city of Liverpool and the people that inhabit it haven’t always been on the right side of the media and press; however, even a short trip to the city will quash any reservations you may have previously had. For whisky drinkers and connoisseurs, Liverpool presents a new opportunity to discover drinks and bars that may not have been found otherwise. In this article, we’ll be taking you through some of the finest bars and lounges in the northern city to which we warmly suggest you pay a visit or two.

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Mackenzie’s Whisky Bar

Mackenzie’s website proudly shouts that the bar holds over 300 whiskies, and this is evident when stepping through the doors. The bar shelves proudly adorn the not-so-modest collection that ranges from well-aged Scotch to exciting Japanese blends. The bar staff will happily guide you through their catalogue and suggest anything from an old favourite to a challenging new sip. Prices typically start at around £3 and increase according to age and quality. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing dram or you’re thirsty to explore new drinks, Mackenzie’s is a great place to start your whisky journey through Liverpool.

Puffin’ Rooms

Transporting you back in time is Puffin’ Rooms. Located on Liverpool’s Old Hall Street, the lounge and cocktail bar is a great place to spend an evening with family, friends or work colleagues, venturing through their whisky and drinks menu. Every evening, there is live jazz to enjoy while sipping one of the 200 rare whiskies, or one of the many whisky cocktails on offer. There is also a fine array of other drinks such as wines and champagnes, along with a modest menu of food and nibbles. Sunday night is blues night, and across the road, you’ll find a cigar sampling store to pair the fine whisky with a great cigar.

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Berry and Rye

Berry and Rye is simultaneously the least and most beautiful whisky bar in Liverpool, perhaps even in the UK. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, in the sense that it looks like an uninhabited retail unit along Berry Street. No signs or other indicators that it is, in fact, a cavernous whisky haven. Once you have stepped inside, after knocking on the seemingly rotten door to gain entry, the penny begins to drop. The experience and atmosphere will wash over you. You know those secret bookcases you see in films? This is better! The range of drinks is fantastic, offering anything from a cheaper whisky cocktail to an aged gem. Blues music rings out from the walls and you’ll feel immediately at home.

Whisky Business

Owned and run by the same people behind Berry and Rye, Whisky Business is a slightly different affair, taking a more traditional approach. Although they offer tastings for customers and dedicated tasting sessions throughout the month, their main purpose is as a seller. If you’re planning on booking a tasting session, there are three to choose from, ranging from £25 – £50. Each of these consists of 5 drinks finishing with a cocktail. During these, you’ll have a chance to taste whiskies from across the world including Scotland, America and Japan.

Jenny’s Bar

Located on Liverpool’s Fenwick Street is Jenny’s Bar, a beautiful location to enjoy a cocktail or a drop of whisky. Here, you’ll escape the busy streets of Liverpool and be delivered into a world of hushed tones and vintage furniture. The bar staff are experienced in their craft and can offer helpful suggestions of which of the many whiskies you could be drinking that evening. The bar also excels in providing a high-class range of cocktails that incorporate exciting and unique flavours, making them almost too easy to drink. Whether you’re just visiting for the day and fancy a midday dram, or spending the evening out in the city, Jenny’s is a great place to enjoy your drinks.

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Philharmonic Dining Rooms

Despite being part of the Nicholson’s chain of pubs and bars, this doesn’t stop the Philhamornic having its own signature style and feel. With a fine array of food and drink to choose from, the pub is a great all-round location, offering good menu selection and something to suit everyone. The whisky on offer here is anything but below par and their collection, along with the quality, makes this a great spot to enjoy a dram or two. You can also do your homework before you arrive by checking out their online whisky library. This has been split into sweet, smoky, spicy and fruity, with a special section for new arrivals.

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