Why Does Wolverine Smoke Cigars?

Wolverine and the X Men

When you think of badass cigar-smoking characters, one of the first that should spring to your mind is Wolverine. The main man previously topped our list of Iconic Cigar-Smoking Comic Book Heroes, and rightly so!

But why is he spotted so often chewing on Cuban cigars? Is it for enjoyment or is there a deeper reason behind it? We decided to don our deerstalkers and go full Sherlock, investigating some of the possible reasons behind it:

Who is Wolverine?

For those who are unsure, Wolverine (birth name James Howlett, but also known as Logan or Weapon X) is a Marvel character most commonly associated with the X-Men. He is a mutant with animal-like heightened senses, regenerative capabilities, enhanced physical abilities and three retractable claws in each hand.



Due to his regenerative capabilities, he ages much slower than the average human. This has resulted in him being alive since the 1800s, which led to an extensive military career including serving in both of the World Wars.

Much later, he is kidnapped by the CIA and enrolled into the Weapon X programme, where he had adamantium – a fictional metal which is supposedly the strongest substance in the world – forcibly fused to his bones. The idea was to create the ultimate weapon to be used in black ops operations, but he ends up escaping and later becomes a key member of the X-Men; although rather reluctantly in the beginning.

Why Does He Smoke Cigars?



Throughout both his publication history and his on-screen portrayal (by the excellent Hugh Jackman) Logan is seen chomping on a cigar. There have been a few theories as to why, specifically, a cigar was chosen:

For the Smell

As we stated above, Logan has heightened, animal-like senses. This means he will be able to pick up on all sorts of smells, good and bad, much more than the average human. Having been born in the 1800s and fought in two World Wars, the smells he must have come across can only be imagined.

But if he smokes cigars on a daily basis, a smell that he no doubt enjoys, that scent will help to mask all of the others.

To Fit In

Now, we’re not saying that he’s doing it as a form of peer pressure, because there’s no one out there who can pressure him into doing anything! But as he ages slower than others around him, he has to adapt to many different time periods and cultures by learning from those around him.

Nick Fury and Ben Grimm (The Thing from the Fantastic 4) are both known to be cigar smokers, so it is possible that he picked up cigar smoking from them. There have been instances where Logan was seen smoking before meeting these characters (such as the terrible Origins film where he has a cigar during the World Wars) but as with all comic books and their film adaptations, there is the canon version, and then there are variations on this.

Because He Wants To

Finally, maybe he smokes cigars because he wants to? At the end of the day, isn’t that why most people do it?

What do you think the reason is that he enjoys smoking cigars as a past time? Let us know your thoughts in our comments or on our social media accounts!


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