Cigar Aficionado reviews the magnificent Xikar XO cigar cutter


At this year’s IPCPR trade show out of all the cigar cutters that were being shown there was one that generated a lot of buzz within the industry; the Xikar XO cigar cutter.

Xikar first came to prominence when they released their original tear-drop design cigar cutter back in 1998 with it becoming their signature product ever since. That design has been put aside for the Xikar XO with the US firm opting for exciting and sleek spherical design instead.

Cigar Aficionado recently reviewed this cigar cutter and heaped heavy praise on this new cigar accessory. They were especially impressed with the spring loaded dual blades with them saying;

“These blades operate in perfect harmony thanks to an internal epicyclic gear system housed inside the XO’s body, whose mechanisms can be seen operating thanks to two slits in the cutter’s body. (Just be sure no tobacco bits end up inside.) These planetary gears synchronize the blades, aiding users not only by allowing them to better line up the cut before the final snip, but also evenly distributing pressure to each blade.”

Vice President of Engineering & Process Excellence at Xikar Rob Lembke had this to say of this new addition to their cigar cutter line;

“The XO cutter design requires the blades to be a thickness of steel that isn’t as widely available as others,” said Lembke. “Also, given the gear-driven design, other factors had to be considered besides those typically thought of in cutting-only applications.”

Over three years of research and development went into the XO cutter, with Cigar Aficionado saying that’s evident as “the sensation of cutting a cigar with the XO is tactile and incredibly satisfying. There is a little play to the blades when they are spread from the body, but this doesn’t affect the smooth cutting action.”

The XO cigar cutter will be in store and online next month and should be a must buy for any true cigar lover. It’s a worthwhile investment and comes with Xikar’s lifetime warranty.



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