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Prop Cigarettes

Our range of prop cigarettes at Havana House comes from the Honeyrose London brand. The Honeyrose “White Line” are herbal cigarettes that have been exclusively made for the filming industry.

Each of the cigarettes is white, with no logos, brands or distinctive features, making them ideal for use on screen. Honeyrose White Line Herbal Cigarettes are the number one choice of prop masters, actors and actresses.

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As herbal cigarettes, the Honeyrose White Line Cigarettes are nicotine and tobacco-free. This is another reason they are used in filming projects, as actors can light up and smoke multiple of these cigarettes across takes without having to inhale tobacco or risk getting nicotine sickness.

Here at Havana House, we have a variety of herbal cigarettes from Honeyrose, including the original White Cigarettes, with a filter; White filterless cigarettes, which create lots of smoke; and White M Cigarettes, which have a menthol flavour.

Each pack of Honeyrose White Cigarettes contains 20 herbal cigarettes, each measuring 84mm in length.

If you’re looking for prop cigarettes for your film or television show production, then browse our range of Honeyrose Cigarettes below.

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